How it all started..

When Ben Fletcher retired, Penny sold her business and they made plans to live a quite life in beautiful East Texas but these plans were interrupted by a mother and twelve puppies "dumped" at their gate. Then more came and still more. Thus, 4F Foundation was born.

Dumping or abusing animals is against the law and carries stiff punishments; however, thousands of animals are still dumped every year. They sit along the roadside waiting hours and days for their masters to return only to be hit by cars or slowly starve. It was decided that with the help and generosity of the local community the outcome for some of these animals could change.

Four F Foundation is located at the Fletcher's ranch near Lindale, Texas. Around thirty dogs run loose at the Fletcher's home and they know each dog by name. Around fifty plus more dogs are housed in kennels and rotate to get their turn to run free at the house. The kennels are ideal for keeping these dogs safe and well cared for. The kennels are long runs 20 x 100 feet with 20 x 12 feet concreted and covered with automatic water. In addition, they normally have about thirty cats, horses, mules and cattle. A local vet ensures that all of the dogs have their shots, are neutered, have medical care and flea and tick medication.

The 4F Foundation Board members Ben and Penny Fletcher, Debbie Hall, Bill and Donna Liebbe have been active in finding numerous abandoned animals new homes. The Liebbe's placed an article in the Hideaway News in 2008 regarding 4F Foundation's dogs. Since that time, the Hideaway News has been a wonderful supporter and runs monthly articles and pictures of dogs and puppies available for adoption. The local community and businesses have been very helpful but more help is needed to continue and expand our rescue efforts in this "no kill" shelter..